Why I'm Running:

I come from a proud immigrant family that has taught me the value of hard work. I want to work for you and the children of our district. We need to keep money in schools, improve our ethics, and re-engage our community. HISD is the largest school district in Texas, in the most diverse city in the country. If elected, I will bring a new perspective to the school board that is in much need of a change. We have a unique opportunity to safely open schools while increasing the quality of education we can provide for our children. We must simply seize it!

The board has made numerous controversial decisions in recent years and appears to be swayed more by its campaign contributors than the needs of our fellow constituents. Every few years, vendors can donate an increased amount to campaign contributions, which leads the board to be more influenced by its campaign contributors instead of taking into account the needs of its individual communities.

Being an outsider and not working in education means that I have no biases. I have no obligation to any source that seeks to profit from HISD and its students. I pledge not to accept any donation from those who want to do business with HISD. I will do my best to prevent anyone from enriching themselves at the expense of our students.. As a trustee, I will strengthen ethics rules while decreasing the campaign contribution cap to pre- 2016 levels.

Keeping Money in Schools

While the current HISD trustees have been responsible for a $2 billion budget, only half of that money has ever seen the classroom. The board continuously votes to decrease the percentage of money that is spent on its most valuable assets: its teachers. Educators are what make up the backbone of the district and should be compensated properly. 

As a trustee, I will use my youth and energy to work tirelessly on ensuring that all employees on campuses are properly compensated for their work. This will put our tax dollars where they are meant to be: with our children. 

Retaining Talent

There is a talent drain occurring in HISD. High quality educators are leaving our district for higher quality jobs in neighboring areas. We can remediate this by offering competitive pay and ensuring that early career teachers receive quality and effective professional development. This will enable the district to attract and retain top talent, which helps our students succeed.

As a trustee, I will use my knowledge of professional development  to increase the quality of career guidance as well as the pay to competitive levels for not only teachers, but all workers in the schools. 

Opening Schools Safely

Covid-19 has turned our education system upside down. After more than a year of remote learning, students and teachers are now being required to return to the classrooms. While in person learning is preferred to virtual learning, there are safeguards that must be in place.

As a trustee, I will ensure that the return of in-person school is done in a safe and orderly way that makes sense for all.

Neighborhood Schools

HISD schools have a strong sense of community. Each school has its culture and identity. We can build upon that strong foundation to enable our children to find their own unique strengths. 

As a trustee, I will ensure that the board seeks input from all who live and work in these communities. Each neighborhood has students, teachers, and parents who have valuable contributions to better our schools.